Case Study: EcoNugenics Brand Development

Posted on January 27, 2017

EcoNugenics is a research based, premium natural supplement company. When I began as Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer in 2011, the supplement brand was struggling to find it’s identity in the online market, while simultaneously trying to maintain it’s strong customer base that responded well to more traditional marketing efforts. The doctor that developed the products, Dr. Issac Eliaz, was also trying to emerge as a separate non-profit brand offering medical information and lecturing at events around the globe.

Working closely with the business development director and taking cues from our sales team, I developed a reinvigorated, multi-platform marketing strategy that combined the top performing direct mail and email marketing campaigns with a new look and feel that better represented the story and personality of the brand. We also reached out to new customers via social media, blog, and web ads, and by 2013 had tripled our online sales! With the help of our sales team, I developed and implemented a wildly popular custom product labeling program to better serve our B2B clients across the medical community.

I also designed an update of the product labels and an entirely new e-commerce website designed with the best UX principles to help customers purchase and navigate easily, while making it easy for our marketing team to maintain and organize on the back-end. We tripled our content and lead production without the need to hire on new employees, and I was able to implement style guidelines that would evergreen the look and feel of our marketing efforts across every channel, a guide they continue to use today.

I rebuilt the Dr. Eliaz website and helped develop strategy and timelines for content publishing, resulting in a vast increase in PR opportunities, including lecture bookings at top medical summits and hundreds of published magazine articles, effectively establishing him as a leader in the naturopathic medical community. From these efforts, Dr. Eliaz was able to begin a series of very successful private retreats and grow his clinic patients exponentially.


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