Hi! I’m the designer, Melissa Sue Gordon.
(See, that’s where the site name comes from…MElissa SUe GOrdon = MESUGO.)

To paraphrase the luminous creative agency M&C Saatchi, I strive to work (and live) by the principle of “brutal simplicity.”
I aesthetically prefer a conservation of “fluff” and aim for strong, clear visual storytelling. I am obsessed with Japanese design, and appreciate the bias toward natural forms and a balanced use of space. I lean on excellent photography and beautiful typefaces, combined with function-first layouts, delivering content by way of an unobstructed, natural flow.

I do graphic design, branding, web design, marketing, and design consultation. I work in print and web, and sometimes in paints and pen. I’ve been doing this for nearly fifteen years. I’ve worked both in-house and freelance.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.